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  Meet our President Victor Aguilar

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“Quick Accounting, one of the first bilingual

accounting firms in the state of Indiana”





“One of the first Hispanic Certified Public Accountants

in the state of Indiana”

41 Years of Experience

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                 Born on July 10, 1961 and raised in Managua, Nicaragua Victor Aguilar came from humble beginnings, and paved his own lane into the professional business world. Graduating from college for commercial accounting in 1976. He quickly became a general accountant for COIP, and later went on to become an advanced auditor for Tabacalera Nica Guns. Feeling a need to improve his education he attended the University Autonoma Nicaragua, which helped him land an expert auditor position at a large corporation called price Water House Coopers/ Arthur Anderson/ Pitt Marus.

                 Later going on to become an accountant supervisor for a Hilton hotel, led Mr. Aguilar with a decision to leave or stay in Managua, Nicaragua or move to the United States of America? So, he decided to further improve his experience and education in the U.S.A where he attended the Florida State University, and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 1992. Later passing state certifications to meet requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

                 His motivation and hard work led him to become passionate in the field of corporate accounting. Like many professionals there is always a time to start spreading your wings to find your calling, and this moment happened in 1995 when he started to practice independent accounting. Feeling a need to assist the public where there was more of higher demand for his expertise, he moved up north to Indianapolis, Indiana. Where he attended the Indianapolis Business School in early 2000 to polish his accounting knowledge, allowing him to become one of the first Hispanic Certified Public Accountants in the state of Indiana. Shortly after he opened an independent accounting firm which he named Quick Accounting, one of the first bilingual accounting firms in the state of Indiana.

                 Becoming part of the largest growing minority group in the U.S.A, much appraise should be given to the hard-working Hispanics who have helped U.S.A grow. Since the year 2000 Quick Accounting has helped individuals, corporations become Tax and debt free. Word of mouth spreads quickly and Quick Accounting soon found itself assisting much of the Hispanic community in Indianapolis, southern Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky. A high demand for accounting services in Louisville, Kentucky led Mr. Aguilar to open a second Branch in early 2014. Once again Victor Aguilar would become another state Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the great state of Kentucky, and contribute to the growth of the largest minority group in U.S.A.

A vision to give back to his home country led Victor Aguilar to open a third branch of Quick Accounting in Managua, Nicaragua this time the demand is for a higher level of expertise in the accounting field. With unmatched organization and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, Quick Accounting has made, and will continue to leave a mark in the corporate tax world.







Meet our Managua, Nicaragua Staff

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  “Public Accounting is my Specialty”

  José David Molina Obregón

  CPA with 14 years of Experience

   Expert public Accountant and Auditing



 Mayra profile pic      Hi I’am Mayra Your Local Accounting expert, let me give you advice today
Mayra Perez Loasiga
General Office Manager Expert Bilingual Accountant
With 16 years of experience


 Alex Profile pic “wanting to be someone else is a  Waste of who you are”
Alejandro Adolfo Marin
Bilingual Publicist and
Marketing Manager with 5 Years of


 Marmely profile pic “I can answer any legal question you have”” I don’t sleep until your case gets settled”
Marmely Montenegro
Expert lawyer With 16 years of experience


Carmen profile pic “I would love to resolve your Financial complications”
Carmen Maria Canales Lacayo
Accounting and Finance specialist
With 14 years of experience



Joen Fernanda profile pic “Organization and Accuracy is my Passion”
Joen Fernanda Naar Obando
Accounting Assistant
With 3 years of experience


fernandro profile pic “Mr. Marketer is my middle name”
Fernando Naar Bell
Marketing Coordinator
With 4 years of experience


Meet our Louisville, Kentucky Staff

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Vane Profile pic ” Customer satisfaction is my number one priority”
Vanessa Enriquez Ruiz
General office Manager
Bilingual Accountant with a
Bachelors in legal studies
over 13 years of experience 



veronica profile pic ” I would be delighted in analyzing the financial health of your corporation”
Veronica Castro Rodriguez
Bilingual Accountant specialist
with over 16 years of experience





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